Fshati i milionerëve në Zvicër ku ndalohen emigrantët

Një prej fshatrave më të pasur në Europë, ka refuzuar që të pranojë ndonjë azilkërkues.

Madje ata kanë pranuar të paguajnë një gjobë prej 300 mijë eurosh për këtë.

Fshati i superpasanikëve quhet Oberwil-Lieli dhe gjendet në Zvicër.

Fshati piktoresk ka 2200 banorë.

Mes tyre janë 300 milionerë.

Ata përdorën pasurinë e tyre për të mos lejuar kuotat e imponuara nga qeveria.

Sipas tyre, gratë dhe fëmijët do ishin të rrezikuar nëse në fshat vinin emigrantët.

Banned: One of Europe¿s wealthiest villages Oberwil-Lieli is refusing to accept any asylum seekers The Swiss Government ordered them to accept ten migrants as part of its promise to the EU to take a total of 50,000 across the country, at least 3,000 of which fleeing SyriaVote: But the 2,200 wealthy residents in Oberwil-Lieli, 300 of whom are millionaires, have held a referendum and voted to reject the Government's quota and have decided instead pay a £200,000 finePicture perfect: Fears women and children could be at risk from sex attacks as well as the disruption to their peaceful way of life has led the super-rich of Switzerland¿s alpine bolthole to vote 'no' in the May 1 referendumPicturesque: Surrounded by lush green pastures and with stunning views of the snow-capped Alps in the distance, the twin villages of Oberwil and Lieli would not look out of place on the front of a box of chocolatesSafeguard: Residents, who have as many millionaires per head of the population, say they want to protect their quiet way of life and do not want any new arrivals spoiling the tranquil settingDonations: Some of the richest residents in Oberwil-Lieli said they would personally help pay for the fine imposed by the Swiss government, which equates to £100 per person. They will have to pay another fine next year if they fail to meet the quotaAshamed: But the decision has polarised the community and split opinion down the middle.  While some residents supported the decision others are left 'embarrassed' by it. A mother-of-two who would only give her name as Patriza says she is embarrassed by the 'racism'Payment: The town is full of alpine style chalets and modern glass fronted homes make it one of the most desirable - and expensive - places to live in Switzerland. The fine will be paid from the civic fund of £5million which is generated by local taxesPride: The roads are spotlessly clean, gardens are immaculately kept and despite its proximity to the country¿s major city Zurich of 10 miles there is little traffic. Residents, many of whom are pensioners, say they do not want their retirement spoiled by immigrationFine: The decision means the village will have to pay a fine to the Swiss government.  The £206,000 penalty, which has yet to be imposed, will come out of the annual budget for the village, which raises £5million a yearFear: Oberwil-Lieli¿s outspoken Mayor Andreas Glarner, 54, said it was the fear of not knowing where the ten refugees had come from that led to the ¿no¿ vote. He told MailOnline: ¿We were not to be told if the ten were from Syria or are economic migrants from other countries'Deterrent: The mayor added: 'Yes, the refugees from Syria have to be helped and they are better served by being helped in the camps nearer their home. Money could be sent to help them, but if we are housing them here it sends out the wrong message. Others will come and risk their lives crossing the ocean and paying people smugglers to bring them.'Stubborn: The 'no' vote was won by 52 per cent to 48 per cent. Mayor Glarner said Oberwil-Leili is a quiet village not equipped to house ten migrants. ¿It was a narrow victory for those of us who did not want the refugees, but Oberwil-Lieli is not the place for them¿Dropping: Fewer applications are being recorded in the country in recent months: in April 2016 there were 1,748 applications compared to 1,376 for the same month the previous yearDispersed: Switzerland is taking 50,000 asylum seekers who have crossed the border. Successful applicants are divided among the 26 cantons, the Swiss version of a county, with the number of refugees being allocated dependent on the local population numberNewcomers: Amnesty International says in March there were 1,748 asylum applications to Switzerland, with most from war torn Eritrea. In April 2016 there were 1,748 applications for asylum compared to 1,376 for the same month the previous yearTrouble: Oberwil-Lieli is crime free. And just over half those who voted say they want to keep it that way. They point to Brentgarten, 3km away, which faced problems three years ago when 150 asylum seekers, mostly from Eritrea, were housed in a disused army barracks Disquiet: Brentgarten, the nearest town, tried to segregate its 150 asylum seekers and stop them gathering in numbers at the local swimming pool and sports centre. A church was also placed off limits leading to an outcry from human rights groups Tension: Brentgarten, which like Oberwil is in the canton of Aargau, currently has 150 asylum seekers under the quota system. Picture, migrants in a Swiss Federal refugee centre in Thun, Switzerland

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